Want To Know How Much Your Property Is Worth?

Looking to get a valuation of your property? Want to get a property valuated for investment? Require valuation of your property to raise finances? There could be a number of reasons why you can be out there looking for an appraiser.

But, first let’s see why valuations are needed in the first place? The main reason is that property is a different form of asset altogether. Absolutely different! Property is nothing like bonds or stocks. What’s the difference you may ask? The answer is simple no two real estate locations are the same, even those located in close proximity. The other difference is the low frequency of transaction of property or real estate. These two factors combine to make it impossible to know the exact value of a property at a given time. This is where appraisers or property valuators come in. They are usually licensed and certified in most countries to perform the task of valuating different properties.

There are many types of valuation services offered by appraisers. The most sought service is the valuation of a property according to its market value. We are referred this type of business all the time. For example, our friends over at Perfect Property who specialize in Dublin houses for sale routinely have their clients get their property valued by our appraisers. What is market value, you can ask? Market value is the fair price of a property, neither cheap nor too much. If this is market value, what is the need of going to a valuation company to find market value? The simple answer has already been given above. It is impossible exactly valuate a property! Valuation companies working on your behalf make sure that you get a fair price both in case of buying and selling.

Now, you might be thinking that you have got nothing to do with this valuation business, because you neither want to sell your property nor are you looking for a new property. Most of us think the same way. However, this is not the case. Property valuation is required for a number of reasons other than buying or selling property. In some countries property valuation is required while you are filing your tax returns, for settlements in case of separation after marriage. Property valuation is also essential after the death of loved ones in order to resolve inheritance issues. Moreover, for mortgage, these valuations are the basis on which loans are approved by banks. This is the reason it is always beneficial to have a current valuation of your property at hand.

How can More Urban Properties be helpful?

More Urban Properties is a company dedicated to provide quality and up to date property valuations to its customers. We have got the BEST team of licensed professionals who are always ready to help YOU. The appraisers not only provide accurate valuations, they also use their knowledge to help you make the right property decisions. We know the best types of property for different people to invest in and our experience will help you reach your goals.

 Our professional support staff will ensure that all your queries and requests are completed. We know the worth of both your time and money. Honestly!


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When I first decided to buy a property, I did not know much about valuation. I was about to make a fool of myself, when a friend advised me about More Urban Properties, and boy was I lucky, they just saved me from making a lousy investment. They are a wonderful team to have working on your behalf.

By Steven P. Creamer

We didn’t know how to value our new home properly, but our bank required us to provide one for our loan. We were so fortunate we found More Urban Properties, because they are simply the most professional and customer oriented company there is!

By Brendon B. Johnson

I was facing a divorce situation and need to know exactly how much my house was worth.  I was going through a tough time emotionally, and was extremely lucky to reach More Urban Properties. They kept in mind my emotional situation while dealing with me and were extremely patient and helpfuly throughout my sale.

By Paul A. Martin