How To Sell Your House Privately

How to Sell Your House Privately

The way the economy has plunged and the way recession has hit one and all, people are now afraid of investing in anything.  This fear of investment has hit many sectors but the one that has been the most is the real estate business. In such a market situation, selling your house is surely going to prove difficult.

You might be moving cities or states or you might want to move out of the neighborhood, there can be a number of reasons why you may want to sell your house. While the reasons may vary, the problem you will face will always be the same i.e. no buyers! There are two ways to overcome the problem. Either you can hire a realtor or an EA or you can use street smart tips and sell your house privately. 

Why Selling Your House Privately is a Better Option?

Most people go and hire a realtor or an estate agent because it seems to be the easy way out. The estate agent would do all the hard work, find the buyer for you and then help you out in conducting the sale. However, it is important to remember that the realtor would pocket a sizeable amount from the sale of your house and thus, you won’t get the entire amount for your house. So, ask yourself, do you really need an estate agent and do you really need to lose out on a good amount from the sale of your house when you could find buyers yourself? 

Estate agents usually pocket amounts from both the seller and the buyer and at the end of the day, the seller bears the loss overall. If you had met the buyer directly, he probably would have paid the same amount to you plus the fee given to the EA as well. So, it’s easy to see why selling your house privately is the better option. However, if you don’t think that you have the time to find buyers at all and if you are going to use an EA choose wisely or else you would never get a good amount from the sale of your house! There is also the option of using online real estate agents though you need to know what an online estate agent is at first. Such agents do a similar job to real-life EAs but you would be able to hire them from the comfort of your home. Once again, if you go for this option, you must choose well or you would bear the consequences of a poorly managed sale. 

Tips that Can Help You Sell Your House at a Good Price

When it comes to selling your house privately, you can utilize a few tried and tested techniques to find buyers and to impress them with your house so much that they would offer a good price for it too. 

- Work out the actual price of your home.

- Dig up information on sales made in your area and their price.

- Get to know about prices through the county’s appraisal centre. 

- Advertise that your house is for sale through every medium.

- Use ‘House for Sale’ boards to make sure everybody knows about your house.

- Use the internet and put out advertisements of the sale of your house on local forums and property websites as well. 

- Renovate the exterior of the house to make an impression on the buyers.

- Make sure that your house looks good at first look as their offers would depend on how much they like the house.

- Make sure that the house looks lavish and that if there are any small cracks or stains, they are kept well-hidden.

- Hiring a decent conveyancing solicitor will help as well.

 By knowing the actual price of your house, you will have realistic expectations to begin with and with proper advertising, you will get the right buyers too. And by renovating the exterior well and by being efficient with its interior, you will be able to impress the buyers too. Lastly, by getting the help of a solicitor, you will be able to make sure that all the paperwork is legal and also ensure that the house sale is done as per the requirements of law.

However, if you fail to find buyers who offer a suitable price, you could sell to a cash house buyer as the last resort too. Such companies buy houses for cash and then sell them on their own when they find a reasonable buyer. While their offer would be a bit less than the market price, a quick sale and a full cash offer remain the benefits of selling to a cash house buyer.

So, all in all, if you can work hard and use the tips mentioned above, you won’t have any problems in selling your house privately and in pocketing the total amount from the sale of your own house!




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